ecoScorecard for BIM

FREE product decision making and green documentation tools available for SketchUp® and Revit®

Our new plug-ins let you evaluate and document environmental performance during the design process. Search select, evaluate and document your projects environmental impacts throughout the design phase with ecoScorecard enabled collection of objects available at SmartBIM® Library and Trimble’s® 3D Warehouse.

Analyze green building products in the model and quickly produce detailed, accurate and user-friendly reports detailing the performance of the products used in your project. This is green building for everyone.

Fast, easy to-use and free.

Evaluate and document the impact of your decisions at any stage of design. Select a link at right to download ecoScorecard for SketchUp or ecoScorecard for Revit.

Getting started


After installing the plugin you will need to add environmental data

There are three ways to accomplish this, download a sample model with data, download an green object from SmartBIM Library or 3D warehouse. Alternatively, you have the ability to enable your own object with green data. Following any of these methods will allow you to run an ecoScorecard evaluation against your model to see how sustainable your project is.

Download a sample project

Our sample projects include both ecoScorecard enabled objects and non-enabled objects which provides you the best experience of the ecoScorecard plugin for SketchUp. You can view environmental data for each enabled object. You can evaluate the project against the USGBC’s LEED system or any other major rating system. Click the link below or visit our ecoScorecard collection on SmartBIM Library or Trimble’s 3D warehouse for more projects.

Download sample Revit Project »

Download sample SketchUp Project »

Download ecoScorecard enabled objects

Visit the ecoScorecard collection on SmartBI Library or Trimble’s 3D warehouse to download manufacturers objects that are ecoScorecard enabled. We have many ecoScorecard manufacturers currently in the collection which continues to grow. Shouldn’t every manufacturer make it this easy for you?

Download ecoScorecard enabled Revit objects »

Download ecoScorecard enabled SketchUp objects »

Enable your own Revit or SketchUp objects

Have you designed your own product to place in your SkecthUp® project? Would you like to enable that product with a manufacturers data to see just how green your project is? Just right click on an object or select Add ecoScorecard Data from the ecoScorecard plugin menu. It’s that easy. Try it now or watch the video for a walkthrough.

How to enable an object » (coming soon)

We’ve created this plugin to provide you the creators of green projects the tools you need to make the world a better place. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know. Whether its something you would like to see added to the plugin or just a compliment, we would like to hear from you. Contact Us »